What is GitAlias?

GitAlias is a collection of git version control alias settings that can help you work faster and better. GitAlias provides short aliases such as s for status, command aliases such as chart and churn, lookup aliases such as whois and whatis, workflow aliases such as topic-begin for feature branch development, and more.


You can use GitAlias various ways:

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Short aliases

Short aliases are for frequent commands and options:

git add:

git branch:

git commit:

git checkout:

git cherry-pick:

git diff:

git fetch:

git grep:

git log:

git ls-files:

git merge:

git pull:

git rebase:

git reflog:

git remote:

git revert:

git show-branch:

git submodule:

git status:

git whatchanged:

Friendly aliases

Recommended helpers:

Quick highlights:

Branch names:

Branch commits:

Friendly plurals:


Logging & reporting:


Commit details:

Add all & edit all:

Alias helpers:

Script helpers:


New repos:

Hew branches:

Saving work:


Advanced aliases:

Workflow aliases

Topic branching for feature workflows:

Flow aliases:

reset & undo:

track & untrack:

inbound & outbound:

pull1 & push1:


Tooling aliases

Use gitk:

Use other version control systems:

Use graphviz:

Index of all aliases