git topic-base-branch

Show the project base topic branch name

Git alias:

topic-base-branch = "!git config --get init.topicBaseBranchName || git config --get init.defaultBranch"


git topic-base-branch

Customize this alias as you like for your own workflow.

When we do topic branches, we use a base topic branch, and use it to create new topic branches, and also use it to receive changes from completed topic branches.

The base topic branch defaults to the repo default branch, such as the “main” branch; this makes it easy to use topic branching in many popular git repos that use the “main” branch for trunk-based development and integration of pull requests.

Some teams prefer to have a specific base topic branch that is different than the repo default branch, typically in order to do various integration tests and/or release processes.

For example, some teams prefer to have a branch named “topic” or “development” or “integration”, in order to do continuous integration tests and continuous delivery release processes.

You can customize the base topic branch name by using git config.

You can customize it for your local repo, or your own user’s global configuration, or your system configuration, by using git config:

git config --local init.topicBaseBranchName "foo"

git config --global init.topicBaseBranchName "foo"

git config --system init.topicBaseBranchName "foo"


git config init.topicBaseBranchName "foo"
git topic-base-branch