git topic-begin

Start a new topic branch

Git alias:

topic-begin = "!f(){ \
    new_branch=\"$1\"; \
    old_branch=$(git topic-base-branch); \
    git checkout \"$old_branch\"; git pull; \
    git checkout -b \"$new_branch\" \"$old_branch\"; \
    git push --set-upstream origin \"$new_branch\"; \


git topic-begin add-feature-foo

Customize this alias as you like for your own workflow.

We use this alias to begin work on a new feature, new task, new fix, new refactor, new optimization, etc.

Our workflow does these steps:

  1. Update the base topic branch.

  2. Create a new topic branch based on the topic base branch name,

  3. Push the new topic branch, so team members can see it.

If you use a sharing site such a GitHub, and use typical settings, then this implementation makes your branch visible to collaborators.

Many teams share branches before they are fully ready, to help the team provide feedback on the work-in-progress, and also to run any automatic tests to verify the branch runs successfully.