git hew-local-dry-run

Delete local branches that have been merged into a commit (dry run)

Git alias:

hew-local = !"f() { \
    commit=${1:-$(git current-branch)}; \
    git branch --merged \"$commit\" | \
    grep -v \"^[[:space:]]*\\*[[:space:]]*$commit$\" ; \
}; f \"$@\""


hew-local-dry-run [<commit>]

Example with the default branch name:

git hew-local-dry-run

Example with a specific branch name:

git hew-local-dry-run main

Example with a specific commmit hash:

git hew-local-dry-run 4677ad893ee038b113e22f6330da6ae710712f88

If a branch is provided, or commit is provided, then this alias will use it.

Otherwise, this alias will use the current branch name.

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